Saturday, January 23, 2010

newberry knives forum on

I now have a forum on! Come on over and check it out. I am also running a contest that will run for about one more month. All you have to do is post in my forum. Each post is an entry to win a knife!

knife with habaki (not yet finished)

Here is a bit of a photo progression of how this knife came together. It is not yet done. I still need to hand sand, buff, sharpen, etc.

Here is the blade and the Habaki before it was soldered and sanded etc.

Here is what it looks like now:

The wood for the handle on this one is some unusually dense redwood burl that was cut in the forties!
I didn't want to put my makers mark on the blade and the habaki was in the other traditional place for a mark so I decided to put t on the underside of the guard:

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I glued up a few knives last night. Here is a shot of one of them in a sweet little vise that Chuck Ward made.


I am working on some santokus in 1095 and I am liking them so far. They are a lot of fun to do as with the wider blade you can play around a bit with the clay.

I think I may need to make myself a few kitchen knives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few knives for sale

Up first is one of my first camp knife/tactical styled knives. I have only made two of these so far and the other is already spoken for. This one is in 1095 with olive drab G-10 for the handles. The blade is a little more than 4 1/2'' and the overall length is about 9 1/2''. It comes with a simple kydex sheath. This one is SOLD and shipping is SOLD.

This next one is one of my edc knives. It is also made with 1095 high carbon steel and has black linen micarta with blue liners for the handle. It has a blade length of about 3'' and an overall length of about 6 1/2''. This one also comes with a simple kydex sheath That is drilled to fit a small tek-lok (not provided). This one is SOLD and shipping will be SOLD.

Finally this knife is the last of the current batch of Altoids tin survival kit neck knives. It is made of 1095 that is 5/32'' thick so it is fairly thick for this size knife. It has a blade length of about 1 1/4'' and the overall length is about 3 1/2''. It has a slightly different finish than the previously offered knife in that while it does have a satin finish I left the mill scale, scratches, and small divots intact for a little bit different finish. I think it is a pretty cool effect. It comes with a neck sheath and ball chain. This one is SOLD and shipping is SOLD.

Here are a few reqested photos:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knives for sale!

Altoids tin survival kit neck knife in 1095 steel with a kydex neck sheath SOLD (no kit included). Dimensions: Blade length about 1 1/4'' and overall about 3 1/2''
(shipping is SOLD)

Pocket Cutlass in 1095 with a hamon and Arizona desert ironwood handles with red liners and a leather sheath SOLD
Dimensions: Blade length 3 1/4'' Overall about 6 1/2''
(shipping is SOLD)

Finally an edc in 1095 with G-11 scales large thong hole tube and corby bolt SOLD
Dimensions: Blade length about 3'' and overall about 6 1/2''
(shipping is SOLD)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Professional Photo Shoot

At the Oklahoma Custom Knife Show I had Chuck Ward take a few photos of one of my pocket cutlasses. I think they turned out rather well.

This pocket cutlass has a blade of 1095 high carbon steel that has been edge quenched and etched in a solution with copper and brass added. The handles are stabilized cherry burl.