Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas knives finished

Last night I finished up the Christmas knives for my Mother and my Mother in Law. I also finished up a couple that had been floating around in the shop for a while.
They are pairing knives made of 1095 high carbon steel with stabilized pink spalted maple handles set up for neck sheaths.

I am regretting that I only made two. I am thinking that one with blue G10 and another in black linen Micarta would be pretty nice.

This is a close up of the one that I am giving t0 my mother. She gets this one because there is a dog in the spalting of this handle and she has a dog (Lily).


  1. I think I did it and your knives are absolutely beautiful. It is amazing to see how it works too. From that little piece of steel to a fine beautifully done knife. Wow! I'm proud of you,buddy. I hope you can sell some of these; if that is what you want. Love you.

  2. I make them over a couple of months in batches and tend to give a some away keep some and maybe sell a couple if I have have any left over.